Synker status w/ Tasker

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Posted: Fri, 06/29/2012 - 8:55pm

I have a profile set up with Tasker that doesn't seem to be working and I can't figure out what is going wrong.
At work, I connect to "guest wifi" with my personal phone. However, doing so makes it so that I can't sync to my corporate exchange acct. (the guest wifi won't allow connecting to the exchange server, but I can sync just fine over 2G/3G/4G). So, I have a profile that when connected to "Guest WiFi" to do the following:
Context:Connected to guest wifi
1) wait 30 minutes
2) Menu - "Sync Now" or "Wait 10 minutes" (Sync Now sets %WAIT10 to 0, Wait 10 sets %WAIT10 to 1. Default is Sync Now)
3) If %WAIT10 ~ 0
    4) Wifi - Set off
    5) Wait 1 minute (if %WIFI = On")
    6) Synker - Force sync (1 provider (my corporate exchange acct.)
    7)Wait 5 minutes (just to make sure it's been able to sync everything)
    8) Variable Clear %WAIT10 
9) Else
    10) Wait 10 Minutes
    11) Variable Clear %WAIT10 
    12) Goto Action 2
13) End if
14) Wifi - Set On
15) Goto Action 1
Everything seems to be working fine, I see the wifi get shut off and I see the 4G icon in the notifications bar. But then, before I see the sync happen, the WiFi is immediately coming back on. It's only after WiFi is back on that Synker reports that it's syncing the exchange acct, which of course, means that it doesn't sync the exchange acct.It appears that Synker is turning the Wifi back on. How do I get it to not turn WiFi back on?

Synker & WiFi

  • Admin
  • 02/21/09
  • Sat, 06/30/2012 - 1:57am

Synker never changes the state of WiFi and does not have permissions to "android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE". The "%WAIT10" variable logic may not be working as expected and we will attempt to replicate the issue and post our results back here.