Synker FAQ

Yes! Create as many sync widgets as you have room for. Each Synker sync widget can be independently configured to synchronize different Android accounts, to have different widget labels, or to use an alternate theme.

No. The free, ad supported, version of Synker does not require the purchase of the unlock key and is fully functional with the exception of the Sync Inspector . While in advertisement supported mode an occasional reminder, every 5 days, will occur asking the user to consider purchasing the unlock key. Yes it’s a nag screen but it can be easily dismissed and the application remains functional without the unlock key.

No. Synker will issue a request to force synchronize the selected accounts regardless of the global Android auto-sync setting or the individual Android account sync settings. This means no more need to toggle auto-sync on or off to force sync and you can still use a Synker widget to manually synchronize with auto-sync off.

When creating a new widget, Synker will select all sync-able accounts by default. If you have already created a widget, simply edit the widget’s configuration to include all accounts.

Any Synker widget created can be edited by running the main Synker application, from your Android application drawer. Select the widget you wish to edit, change the desired settings, and click save.

Long-press on a 1x1 empty area on your home screen or from a home screen with available space, press Menu->Add->Widgets, then select Synker from the list of widgets.
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When creating a new widget or when editing an existing widget the theme can be changed by clicking on “Select theme”, from the widget preference screen. A dialog will appear with a listing of all installed Synker themes, simply select the theme you wish to use and the widget will be updated to reflect your choice. Additional themes can be found and downloaded from the Android market with more themes in the works.

Synker supports integration with Tasker or Locale via the plug-in mechanism.  You can create any Tasker or Local rule that activates Synker to force specific account synchronization on demand! Below is an example of a simple Tasker profile to force sync accounts when connected to WIFI.

  1. Create a new Profile in Tasker
  2. Enter the profile name (e.g. Sync on Wifi)
  3. Select “State->Wifi Connected” for the first context
  4. Click done.
  5. Click “New Task”
  6. Press the “+” button to add an action
  7. Select “Plugin” then “Synker”
  8. Click “Edit”
  9. Select the specific accounts you want to sync
  10. Click “Save”
  11. Click “Done”
  12. Click “Done”

Tasker and the Synker plug-in being used to force sync specific accounts every hour.
Tasker and the Synker plug-in being used to force sync specific accounts when connected to Wi-Fi.

Synker will cause Android to force sync specific accounts independent of the Android global auto-sync setting or the individual account sync settings.  This will allow you to leave the Android auto-sync setting off permanently if desired, or the ability to utilize the Android auto-sync for certain accounts and Synker for others.

We implore you to check-out Tasker and Locale, both are excellent phone automation applications. Synker will work with both packages, as a plug-in, allowing you to cause specific accounts to synchronization for a given event on your Android phone (WIFI Connected, GPS Location, Periodic, etc).